“The foundation of bliss in this world and the next is therefore knowledge; it is thus the most excellent deed of all.”

~Imam Ghazali

Knowledge, in many schools, has been reduced to a transactional relationship between teachers and students that is measured by standards and tests. At the heart of this type of education in the understanding that information has to be “covered” by the teacher and “retained” by the student. This is so common in schools that we are all prone to believing that education is nothing more than a means to get to a good college and a good career.

At Oakwood Classical, we believe that the purpose of education is the formation of the human being, it is about training students to become servants and vicegerents of God who are attuned to their understanding and embodiment of Islam, iman, and ihsan (truth, goodness, & beauty).

“Sound knowledge must penetrate a subject beyond the shell of understanding to the pith of experience. All of learning should be directed toward true knowledge– Knowledge of God.

Hamza Yusuf Hanson in the Book of Knowledge.