Early Childhood Education

“The most important part of education is right training in the nursery. The soul of the child in his play should be guided to the love of excellence.”


If you are seeking an extraordinary early childhood education program in the Bay Area, then look no further. Beginning at the age of three, Oakwood Classical Academy offers a high-achieving Kindergarten-readiness program. 

Our excellent teachers and staff provide a gentle, delightful, and playful foundation in manners, movement, and reverence for the creation of Allah. In our early childhood program, children are introduced to classical tales and stories, explore the world through interactive and sensory driven activities, and most importantly, receive a preparation for education in the trivium and quadrivium. 

We use various modalities of learning kinesthetic (moving), visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) and tactile (touching) to develop intrinsic learning and fine motor skills. Intrinsic motivation refers to a disposition that is driven by internal rewards. At Oakwood Classical Academy we cultivate in our students a motivation to engage in behavior that arises from within the student because it is naturally satisfying to him/her. 

Our program consists of the following

Faith: Attributes of Allah, love for Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings upon him, Qur’anic stories and memorization, religious events and celebrations as well as living islamically through daily rituals and supplications 

Language Arts: Letter recognition/phonics, beginning reading skills, speaking & listening skills, handwriting, literature & poetry Mathematics: Number recognition, geometric shapes, counting concepts, addition & subtraction stories, time & seasons 

Social Studies: historical figures, understanding families & communities, community helpers & buildings, local geography 

Science: space, seasons, animals, life-cycles, the human body, 

Arabic: colors, numbers, language basics through the communicative approach.

Additional Activities: fine & large motor skills, show & tell, field trips, service projects