Each of us has been blessed with the ability to contribute in different ways to the causes nearest and dearest to our hearts. It may be sharing their time by volunteering, sharing their talents, and for others it may be their willingness to share their wealth.

Cash gifts are a simplest way that you can support our mission and vision for the future. Click on the button above for credit card or PayPal transactions.

In-kind gifts are contributions of tangible items that the school would otherwise have to purchase. Examples of in-kind gifts donated to Oakwood Classical can include IT equipment, works of art, athletic equipment and uniforms, Chromebooks, instruments, and other school supplies. Please send an email to

Let us know if you would like to volunteer for our school. Volunteering can keep you connected to your children in a meaningful way as well as supporting to the school community. You presence helps us to flourish. Please send an email to