Registration (non-refundable)

$150 per student


  • Preschool: $7,000 per year
  • K-6: $6,500 per year
  • Jr. High: $6,750 per year

Book and Material Fees:

$650 per student. This fee includes all books, supplies, and 2 sets of uniforms for each student. Each student will receive:

  • Boys: 2 full-sleeve cotton polo shirts, 2 pairs of slacks, and a jacket
  • Girls: 2 full-sleeve cotton shirts, 2 jumpers, and a jacket


We offer the following sibling discounts:

  • 1st sibling: $600 discount
  • 2nd and subsequent siblings: $1,000 discount

We also offer a 7% tuition discount if the entire tuition is paid upfront. Please note that this does not apply to registration or book fees.